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    Hi, there! How are you? Let me introduce myself. I'm Mujix, a professional comic artist and illustrator, who mainly works in manga cartoons in the Indonesian style. 

    Here is my comic portfolio.  I've worked with some clients for many years. My latest projects are a children's comic book and an Illustration. 

    You can read 'Proposal Untuk Presiden' comic at this link:
    My Webtoon Canvas

    You can read 'Si Amed' comic at this link:
    You can read 'Old Friend' comic at this link:

    So If you are interested in this Gig or want a discussion about your great comic books, feel free to contact me. I will make your comic book story come true to this life. Thank you for coming and let's collaborate. Stay safe and healthy. 
    Best Regards

    Boyolali, 11 October 2022


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    “Kebahagiaan itu bukan dicari, tapi diciptakan!” ― Galih Suryapradja, Proposal Untuk Presiden

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